Christine Anderson, massage therapist & postpartum doula

A massage therapist in your home after you give birth, assisting you with the physical and emotional transition into motherhood? Yes, please!

After your baby is born, your body will go through an incredible shift. Your pelvis and hips will come back together, your organs will return to their original positions and you'll be healing from your birth. Your body may be sore from the new physical strains of holding and feeding your baby. Most cultures around the world nurture and care for women very carefully during this time. Postpartum massage can be an incredible piece of your recovery!

Birth Kalamazoo offers a postpartum massage package that includes four full-body massages in your home after your baby arrives. It's so important for parents to keep things low-key and not overdo it in those first few weeks after the baby arrives, so we're happy to come to you! And if your baby needs to nurse during the massage, no problem! We'll figure out how to make that happen on the massage table.

Our postpartum massage package is offered by Christine Anderson, LMT. Christine is a postpartum doula and a licensed massage therapist with advanced training in prenatal and postpartum massage. She knows the postpartum body so well and will be able to offer so much assistance as you transition into this new phase of life.

Postpartum Massage Package*

Four In-Home Postpartum Massages, 60-minutes each

$280 for the package

Individual Postpartum Massage, one-time, 60-minutes
$80 per session

**In-home postpartum massage is currently offered only in conjunction with postpartum doula services from Christine Anderson (postpartum doula + massage only, or as part of our Full Nurture Package). 

Postpartum Massage