"If I don't know my options, I don't have any." ~Diana Korte

Throughout time, women have given birth naturally. Modern technology can be so helpful when it's really needed, but our system can also go overboard with interventions that can make birth more difficult and complicated. Your body was made to give birth!

Informed, healthy birth is the goal of 'The Best of Natural Birth,' an eight-week independent childbirth class. The course is taught by Jessica English, a former Bradley Method instructor. She founded this series after her early years of teaching, attending births and working with natural-minded health care providers. Jessica is now certified by Lamaze International (no, we don't teach 'the breathing' anymore!), and she's created a series that is moderate, personalized and which includes wisdom from many different birth philosophies.

Over our eight weeks together, we take an in-depth look at birth, stressing trust for the mother's body and the natural process. The Best of Natural Birth isn't a rigid method, it's a toolbox — a toolbox of natural birth techniques that you won't find anywhere else, from an independent instructor who works only for you.

Birth can be beautiful and empowering. On occasion, it can also be surprisingly hard with lots of unexpected twists and turns. We prepare families for normal, natural birth but also give them the tools they need to make good decisions and adjust expectations if medical intervention is needed.

Our goal is for families to have a birth journey that leaves them feeling strong, centered and empowered. Students have included first-time parents, VBAC families, and even second- or third-time moms who have experienced challenging births and want a different experience this time. Join us!

​Kind words:

"The Best of Natural Birth class was exactly what Matt and I needed to prepare ourselves for the natural birth we wanted. Although Matt was skeptical before we went to our first class (even of natural birth), afterward he said he'd be willing to have a homebirth if it was what I wanted. That tells you a lot about the first class! Jessica helped us learn what to expect from labor and delivery in a way that our midwife appointments didn't. Each birth video we watched gave me another angle and reaffirmed my decision to birth naturally. Matt learned what he could do to support me -- and he put those techniques to the test during my 17-hour back labor. Everything we did in class and everything we did as "homework" centered my mind and body. I felt completely confident about my ability to birth naturally weeks before my labor, which helped me relax and have the birth that we wanted."
- Sarah, mom to Emma, born at Borgess Hospital

"I appreciated Jessica's class so much. As a first-time mom, I had so many questions about my body, our baby, and the entire birth journey. The class was educational and kept my interest throughout. I walked away feeling empowered about my birth, which was very important to me."
​- Kaitlin, mom to Ella, born at home

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