Breastfeeding can foster an amazing bond between moms and babies—not to mention the incredible health benefits. When you're starting out, it's helpful to understand what's normal, know how to identify potential problems and have resources for support if you need it.

Birth Kalamazoo offers a class called "Breastfeeding, Naturally!" Taught by a labor and delivery nurse who is also a breastfeeding mom, the one-time class helps prepare parents to start their breastfeeding journey feeling confident and informed. 

After your little one is born, we also offer in-home breastfeeding support. For an hourly fee, a board-certified lactation consultant will come to your home and help you with any nursing challenges you might be facing. It makes such a difference to be able to see someone in your own home, without having to worry about packing up a newborn to drive somewhere, or guess when your baby might be hungry. The lactation consultant will also look at your breastfeeding space and make sure that you have the best set-up to support your nursing relationship. She will also follow up by phone after each visit, to be sure things are going well. 

If you have questions that don't require an in-person visit, phone consults are also available.

We care about moms and babies, and want to help you find nursing success!

Breastfeeding Support